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Recovery Coffee: Treat Yo’self as your transition from your morning workout to work day


You power through hours of a threshold workout before the sun comes up, and before your coworkers snooze for the first time. You know that proper nutrition will help your body recover and that you will reach for a cup of coffee before the office. Why not treat yourself to a caffeinated-packed recovery coffee, loaded with the essential proteins that your body craves? Best part: it tastes better than the sugar bomb from the local coffee shop drive through.

Sound too good to be true? Try for yourself – add a scoop of your favorite F2C Nutrition protein blend (PharmaPure, VeganPure, Rehab 3:1) to your daily cup of Joe! My favorite is VeganPure Energy Salted Caramel Macchiato, but any F2C protein or Rehab 3:1 products would do the trick depending on your fitness goals!


Step 1: Mix one scoop of F2C Vegan Pure Energy or with 1 cup of lukewarm water until thick, uniform mixture.

Step 2: Add coffee

That’s it!

I also recommend experimenting with any combination of the following:

–       Ice – Drink it like an iced coffee or use a blender for a coffee milkshake!
–       Cinnamon
–       Vanilla, chocolate or unsweetened almond, coconut, or cashew milk
–       Raw honey or Agave nectar (vegan)
–       Guilty pleasure – Hershey’s Simple 5 chocolate syrup
–       Blend in a banana
–       Peanut butter

Note: Your body absorbs protein the quickest with water or black coffee, but adding F2C Nutrition protein to coffee does not compromise the protein.
Bio –

19732068_722573151259505_7082386638913148423_nBlair is an ambassador for F2C Nutrition out of Columbus, IN. Blair grew up a swimmer and competed for the University of Kentucky.  The day after her last collegiate race, she went to the running store to tackle a new sport of paces, mileage, and crazy Saturday morning workouts.  Her best friend and F2C Elite member, Laura Gilbert, introduced Blair to the sport of Triathlon and also F2C Nutrition! Laura and Blair tied at the Chicago Marathon last year powered by Strawberry Kiwi GlycoDurance.  In 2018, Blair plans to qualify for the Boston Marathon and USAT Nationals.

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