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Our Story

Meet the Founder – Greg Cowan

F2C Nutrition was born from the vision and passion of Greg Cowan, founder and CEO who has influenced and shaped the natural health food industry over the last 30 years. Cofounding his first business Pure Source in 1986, Greg has gone on to own and develop many health food companies and global brands including Nature’s Essence, Virox and PhD Nutrition Inc.  While training for Ironman Canada Greg struggled to find quality, clean nutritional products to support his own training and racing needs. Frustrated with what nutrition was available on the market at the time, Greg set out to develop products that reflected his values and principles and drew upon his deep knowledge of the natural health food industry. Valuing clean, naturally sourced ingredients supported by innovative scientific research, Greg created a robust endurance product line up.  The F2C Nutrition product line not only tastes great but uses all natural, ground breaking ingredients that have the science to back them up.

When he is not researching and formulating cutting edge nutritional supplements, he can be found sharing his passion for F2C, training for Ironman and riding his motorcycle.

What you get when you join the F2C Family

  • Clean, all natural, quality nutritional supplements – are there any other kind? If you asked another company the sources of their ingredients would they know? F2C does! From Canadian grass-fed whey isolate in the Natural Pharma-Pure to the calcium in Electro-Durance – we can tell you about all our ingredients.
  • Athlete focused, science driven research drives our product development – each ingredient has a purpose and clinical data to back it up from the Beta- Alanine in Ultra-Durance to the Cluster Dextrin in GlycoDurance.
  • Closely monitored manufacturing process in a GMP certified, Health Canada regulated, and Inform Sport Inspected plant – every step of the way from start to finish.
  • Fuel for your body should taste awesome – we strive to knock it out of the park in the flavor department with our light tasting Hydra-Durance to our customizable GlycoDurance where you can blend both Flavoured and Unflavoured Glyco-Durance to create your own desired profile.
  • Education is key to an athlete’s performance and success – have you ever wondered why some of the fuel you use during training doesn’t work on race day? Let us take you through some key educational principles around race day nutrition and the nutrition needed for endurance sports.
  • It is important to invest in events and athletes – we are all in! Whether it is sponsoring an event, adding to a positive race experience  or supporting an individual athlete, F2C is there to guide, educate, support and cheer, we are your biggest fan!
  • When you purchase an F2C product you become part of our F2C family – welcome to the family!