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Jocelyn McCauley Ready to Race IRONMAN New Zealand – March 2nd

Vancouver, B.C.  Feb 27, 2019 – F2C Nutrition Inc. is happy to announce that 2x Ironman Champion and Ironman 70.3 Champion Jocelyn McCauley will continue to partner with F2C Nutrition in 2019. This is Jocelyn’s third year with F2C Nutrition.  We are excited about continuing the partnership for the 2019 race season as part of the F2C Family and look forward to cheering her on at IRONMAN New Zealand this coming weekend where Jocelyn is vying for the win.

Jocelyn began racing as a professional triathlete in 2015. The end of 2016 brought her first IRONMAN win at IRONMAN Mallorca. In 2017 she won IRONMAN New Zealand as well as winning her first 70.3 in Vichy, France. The end of 2017 saw a strong top 10 finish at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona and a 2nd at 70.3 Taupo.  Last year Jocelyn hit the podium three times at IRONMAN New Zealand, IRONMAN 70.3 Vichy and IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo.

Jocelyn will be fueling and recovering with F2C Nutrition during her training and racing, with Glyco-Durance Green Apple and Vegan-Pure products among her favourites. Her favourite IRONMAN to race is IRONMAN New Zealand and her results have been a testament of that.  Catch her in action at IRONMAN New Zealand on March 2, 2019.

“F2C has been a vital part in my success as a triathlete,” says Jocelyn “F2C’s product line is a constant throughout my days. Each day starts with their greens, fuel my training with Green Apple Glyco-Durance, and recover from the day with Vegan-Pure protein! Success on the race course starts with the best fueling on and off the course!”

“F2C Nutrition is happy to have Jocelyn back racing as part of the F2C Family, we have enjoyed being a part of her journey and progress and look forward to continuing to support her” says F2C Nutrition president and CEO Greg Cowan.”

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